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11th July: Doing What We Can

She has done what she could. Mark 14:8

Very seldom, if ever, should a doctor say to a patient: 'I can do nothing for you'. We may have to say: 'You need special treatment which I am not trained to give you, so I shall send you to a specialist'. At times we may have to say: 'We cannot give you anything which will cure your condition, but we can give you something to relieve the pain and make you more comfortable'. It is unkind, and usually unnecessary, to say: 'There is nothing we can do for you'. We should, like Mary of Bethany, do what we can.

Mary knew that the Lord Jesus was on a 'collision course' with the Jewish authorities ever since he raised her brother Lazarus from the dead. She had sat at Jesus' feet, listening to his words, and had more spiritual insight than most people. She knew that there might be no opportunity to anoint his body after he died, so she did it beforehand. The fragrance of the nard perfume -- grown in the Himalayas, and carried by slow camel or other animal transport all the way to the land of Israel -- would have clung to his feet for days, and was probably still there when he was nailed to the cross.

We cannot cure all of those who seek our attention, but let us be sure that we do all that we can to help them physically, mentally, and spiritually, either personally or in co-operation with others.

Lord, as people seek my help today, give me the
strength to do all that I reasonably can do to help
them. If there is no way that they can be healed,
show me how best I can help them in every way. Above
all, help me to point people's attention to you, the
Great Physician.

Further reading: Mk 14:3-9.


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