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4th November: Obedience

Dearest friends, when I was there with you, you were always so careful to follow my instructions. And now that I am away you must be even more careful to do the good things that result from being saved, obeying God with deep reverence, shrinking back from

A common problem in medical practice is the failure of patients to comply with the advice given to them. This often occurs in relation to medications prescribed. With effective listening and good communications, the patient's anxieties and objections frequently can be overcome. Correction of faulty attitudes and misconceptions leads to more co-operative behaviour.

Doctors need to learn the same lesson in professional life. Careful discussion of diagnosis and management are essential, for both consultant and junior can fall into error by arrogantly adhering to their personal opinions. Instructions ignored will lead to consequences not in the patient's best interests.

In the same way doctors need to learn compliance with the direction of God in their lives. In a busy life of action and drama, of skillful surgery and of intensive care, it may not be difficult to see evidence of divine purpose. To the perceptive Christian, situations occur which are `more than a coincidence'. Unimagined resources of courage, and freedom from anxiety appear just as they are needed, and there are moments of quiet assurance of God's presence and care. However, we should remember that the scenario for God's work is also to be found in the ordinary routine of the outpatient clinic and consulting room.

A preacher once entitled a sermon about Moses and the burning bush `Any old bush will do'. In any and every situation, God will use the obedient follower to achieve his will.

Help me to make more sacrifice,
To walk where Christ would lead,
That in my life he may arise
To hallow every deed.*

Further reading: Rom 12:1-16.


* Reprinted by permision of the copyright holders, Salvationist Publishing and Supplies Ltd.

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