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Rio da Huila Hospital

Rio da Huila Hospital is 35 km from Lubango, the capital of the Huila Province. It is a rural general hospital of 10 beds, including ophthalmology and dentistry services, plus a 48 bed Tuberculosis Ward and a Community Health Program. It is a wholistic medical outreach to the Ovamwila people, mostly very poor, dependent on the local weather to be favourable to grow enough corn, millet and beans for the year. The Hospital team shares the Good News of God's love through medical care, dentistry, evangelistic outreach and prayer. The Ovamuila are coming to the Lord, which is very exciting. The Ovamuila believers themselves are sharing Jesus reaching out to villagers far from the main roads. Those are the very ones who also need access to community health care. Come and join us share the love of God. He is our Healer.

Rio da Huila Hospital offers electives for medical students which will include participation in ambulatory consultations, laboratory work and community health mobile clinics. Knowledge of Portuguese is beneficial. A good grasp of Italian, Spanish or French helps in bridging to Portuguese.


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Banso Baptist Hospital

Banso Baptist Hospital is the oldest and second largest hospital of the Cameroon Baptist Convention. The CBCHS provides holistic healthcare services, integrating physical and spiritual care, including preventive, curative and rehabilitative medicine. Special services and programs include the HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention Program, central pharmacy, Private Training School for Health Personnel, Life Abundant Primary Health Care, Maternal-Child Health, technical services department (building projects), health care technology unit, chaplaincy services, residency programs in surgery and internal medicine and Services for People with Disabilities. Banso Baptist Hospital is located in the Northwest Region (province) of Cameroon. It is a 315 bed facility which provides services to over 94,000 outpatients and 8,000 in-patients annually. English, French and Pidgin English are the primary languages spoken at the hospital. Interpreters are available for patient interaction.

Electives - Offer medical elective placements via UFM worldwide.

Hopital de Meskine
Hôpital de Meskine is a rural 100 bed hospital in the Far North Province of Cameroon under ownership of a USA-based ministry known as MCWA . It is run with a staff of local employees under supervision of long-term missionaries who oversee activities through regular visits to the Far North. It provides a wide range of medical services including surgery, maternity services, general medicine, physiotherapy, laboratory services, x-ray and ultrasound, an outpatient clinic and dispensary. French is the working language at the hospital.

Offer medical elective placements via Medical Centres of West Africa.

US contact
UK contact
Janet Cairns
Action Partners
Bawtry Hall
DN10 6JH
Hospital Address
BP 382

Central African Republic

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District Hospital, Gamboula
Gamboula hospital is a rural 180 bed mission hospital with public health program mainly in 10 villages at this time. It has around 12,000 outpatients per year, 600 deliveries and 500 surgical procedures.

Students can be involved with ward rounds, assist in theatre, do deliveries as well as public health and community outreach work. Depends on language ability and level of training.

They have a 3-year nurse training program so are always looking for teachers who could do block teaching in French.

Centre Medical de Gamboula

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Centre medical evangelique de Nyankunde
The Evangelical Medical Centre is a rural hospital of 155 beds and also serves as a referral hospital for the Nyankunde health district with more than 100,000 people and 11 health centres. Email: or

Electives - Students can assist with ward work, in theatre, help supervise health centres and participate in case presentations and discussions.


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New Sight Eye Care, Ouesso, Republic of Congo

New Sight is an international charity working in the town of Ouesso in the Republic of Congo. The charity is registered in the U.K. and in Hong Kong. It previously established a non profit eye clinic based at Pioneer Christian Hospital in another part of the country and was invited by the local authorities to begin a new project in Ouesso. Ouesso is the regional capital of La Sangha region in Congo. It is a strategic location as it is accessible to the whole country as well as to neighbouring Cameroon and Central African Republic.

New Sight has its own plot of land in Ouesso and is preparing the construction of a purpose-built eye hospital. In the meantime, the charity runs an eye clinic in the town to help patients from across the region and country, treating around 200 patients per month. Alongside the clinic, the charity runs a nursing school where local people are trained to provide staffing for the clinic and future hospital. We are also passionate about community health education and screening. The pioneering New Sight team members come from different cultures and backgrounds, and work together to serve our community with roles from administration, engineering, medical to community outreach.

Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram): @newsightcongo

YouTube: New Sight Eye Care

Medical elective opportunities offered

Pioneer Christian Hospital
Pioneer Christian Hospital is a 58 bed general hospital in the isolated Likouala region of the Republic of Congo. There are currently two physicians who are providing care for inpatients, seeing 15-20 outpatients per day and keeping an active surgical schedule of 40-50 cases per month. French and Lingala are the main languages spoken in the region We are an evangelical Christian hospital but will take applications from all faiths with the understanding that visitors will not seek to intentionally or unintentionally undermine our beliefs.

Electives - Medical elective opportunities offered

Dr Joseph Harvey


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Harpur Memorial Hospital
The Harpur Memorial Hospital now has 120 members of staff, 75 beds and two operating theatres and over 50,000 outpatients are seen each year. It has recently been renovated, enabling it to provide comprehensive and modern standards of patient medical care. Leprosy patients come to this hospital from across Egypt, having been refused treatment from other hospitals. At Harpur Memorial Hospital, as well as being medically treated, they are loved and accepted. Email:

Electives - Elective opportunities offered for final year students. Can participate in outpatient and inpatient work, assisting in theatre and outreach programmes.


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Fistula Foundation

Fistula Foundation trains surgeons and funds operations to repair obstetric fistula, a devastating injury caused by difficult childbirth that renders the woman incontinent. Obstetric fistula affects the poorest women in the poorest parts of the developing world. More than 75 percent of women who suffer from fistula have endured labor that lasted three days or longer, usually with loss of the baby. Fistula can only be cured with surgery, and without proper treatment, women often find it difficult to reintegrate into their communities, including facing ostracism by their families.

The Fistula Foundation
1922 The Alameda
Ste 302
San Jose
CA 95126


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AIC-CURE International Children's Hospital

Began in 1998 - marks its 18 years in 2016. The Main hospital is located along the scenic Rift -Valley escapement at Kijabe town four kilometers off Nairobi - Naivasha Road and Nairobi branch clinic is located in the Westlands Nairobi West Point building at the 4th floor, off parklands road Mpaka road.

The Hospital provides care for over 9400 children a year and performs over 4500 surgeries each year. It's the first of its kind in Kenya, the first hospital to specialize in one medical specialty in Kenya. AIC CURE International hospital uses mobile clinic model whereby it seeks to reduce number of days spend at the hospital by clucking patient on mobile clinic sites and on bringing patient to the main hospital for corrective surgeries and follow-up clinic.

AIC CURE International hospital in Kijabe aims to provide treatment at a world standard level with the latest technology and equipment.

The hospital has partnered with Kenai Spine Centre from USA, who bring spine specialists twice or thrice a year to do complex surgeries onsite. The hospital has also partnered with Michigan University where our doctors rotate for orthopedic experiences.

The hospital provides care for children suffering from conditions like clubfoot, cleft lip and cleft palate, curvature of the spine and disabilities stemming from polio, cerebral palsy, burn contractures and other congenital abnormalities. AIC CURE International hospital oversees the largest clubfoot programme in Eastern Africa and provide prosthesis & orthotics appliances beyond the Eastern Africa region. The hospital does Adult services which include Total knee replacement, Total Hip Replacement, Spine surgeries,pain management,sports Medicine,prosthesis and orthotics.

Medical elective opportunities available via Cure International

Chogoria hospital
PCEA Chogoria hospital is situated on the eastern slopes of Mt. Kenya, 200 km from Nairobi, in Maara district.The Hospital was established in 1922 by Scottish missionaries.It is currently owned and managed by the Presbyterian Church of East Africa. Administratively, the Hospital has three main departments: the main hospital, Community Health and Clive Irvine College of Nursing.The Hospital's capacity is 312-beds and focuses on the provision of Curative, Preventive and Promotive health care services in the greater Meru and the surrounding areas.
PCEA Chogoria Hospital
P.O.Box 35–60401
Friends Lugulu Hospital
Friends Lugulu Mission Hospital is a 110 bed Quaker-affiliated hospital located in a densely populated rural area of western Kenya. It is located in the village of Lugulu, seven kilometers north of Webuye, in Bungoma East District of Western Province. The hospital serves a catchments area of 710,445 people who are mainly subsistent farmers with very low income. Its operation covers mainly Webuye division (50%) and rest of the divisions in the larger Bungoma East District and beyond.
During the Elective you will support the work of the Hospital, which has facilities for maternity, paediatric, medical and surgical care. Help with screening of outpatients and have the opportunity to interact with nursing students, as well as having some involvement in outreach activities.

Medical elective opportunities available via AIM International.

AIM Mobilisation Co-ordinator
P.O. Box 68
An opportunity to be involved in outreach within the community and hospital as well as supporting the work and completing an Elective in this large Hospital, which provides medical and surgical services - family medicine, paediatrics, surgery and gynaecology, anaesthesia and orthopaedics.

Medical elective opportunities available via AIM International

AIM Mobilisation Co-ordinator
HealthCare Division
P.O.Box 20
Maua Methodist Hostpial is a Christian Mission Hostpial located in the Nyambene Hills in the north-eastern foothills of Mt. Kenya. The hospital is an agency of the Methodist Church of Kenya with about 275 beds and serves as a regional medical center in the Maua area of Meru Province. It serves a population of over 450,000 people including 110,000 children and provides general medical services including maternity, surgery, dental and optical.

Placements of 6 weeks minimum with participation in ward work as well as opportunities to assist with surgery and deliveries. Can plan rotations on arrival.

P.O. Box 63

Mission Africa partner with the Presbyterian Church in East Africa, Kikuyu Hospital. The general hospital has four main wards: male, female, paediatric, and maternity. In- patient numbers are usually around 100. Services also include: outpatients, maternal and child health, casualty (emergency room), a busy operating theatre, dental unit and an ART programme (dealing with HIV/AIDS). The hospital also has an Eye Unit, which provides highly specialised ophthalmic care throughout East Africa. An orthopaedic rehabilitation unit with an active surgical programme, is also on site.

For more information email:

We can offer medical elective placements from 4 weeks to 3 months via Mission Africa

Tenwek Hospital is a Christian institution that seeks to exemplify Christ in all aspects of what they do. It was founded in 1937 by World Gospel Mission missionaries and has since grown to be a leading provider of quality healthcare in Western Kenya. They provide compassionate, affordable health care to the people in the surrounding area and offer specialty referral services for many of the surrounding provinces and countries.

Electives - Medical elective opportunities offered via World Gospel Mission.


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MAH is a hospital located in a rural area serving 100,000 people with aprox 150 beds. It is dedicated to primary care but is also involved in intermediate carer(General Medicine, General Surg, Gyne/Ob, Peads) The high incidence of HIV, TB and malnutrition makes a this a challenging place to work

Placements offered for final year students involving participation in activities such as ward rounds, outreach community in rural clinics, doctors' meetings, participating in presentation and discussion of cases.

Dr Simon Niaina


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The Good News Project in Madagascar seeks to glorify God by sharing the Good News of Jesus and caring for those in need. It does this through a mission hospital, evangelical radio, school and other means. The hospital includes outpatients (2000 patients/month), inpatients (57 beds - Medical, Surgical & Maternity), operating theatre (the only in a 200km radius performing 1400 operations per year), eye department (including an operating room performing 450 cataract operations per year), a laboratory, an X-ray department, a pharmacy and a nursing & midwifery school. The majority of the staff are Malagasy supported by a small team of missionaries from overseas. If you would like to join this team for short, medium or longer term service please get in touch. You will be able to observe and serve under the supervision of qualified and registered doctors. There are opportunities to be involved in outreach both in the Hospital and in the community.
For qualified doctors and other professions please email:
For medical students please email:


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The Beit Trust CURE International Hospital in Blantyre, Malawi is a 66-bed teaching hospital that specializes in treating the orthopedic needs of children and adults. The facility was opened in 2002 and serves children with physical disabilities regardless of their ethnic background, religious affiliation or ability to pay.

Offers a very broad experience of Paediatric Orthopaedics. Students will be expected to attend and participate in ward rounds, clinics and help assist in theatre.

PO Box 31236
Blantyre 3
Ekwendeni Hospital is a general hospital with 183 beds, serving a catchment area of 45,000 with a wider referral area of 120,000. The hospital employs 170 staff and sees over 21,000 out-patients every year, of which over 7,000 are usually admitted. Ekwendeni Hospital accommodates 3,000 births a year.

Electives- students will be involved in a variety of activities such as ward rounds and mobile clinics.

The David Gordon Memorial Hospital is a Church run hospital (Church of Central African Presbyterian), which serves an extremely poor rural population of 60,000 people through the hospital in Livingstonia and 4 health Centres along Lake Malawi. It provides both curative and preventative health services to people living in an area of approximately 1,300 square kilometres, and aims to improve the health of the population through both healthcare provision and improvements to the local environment, by providing basic essentials such as clean water and food security.
Mulange is a 204 bed hospital located In the Mulanje district where there are over 550,000 inhabitants. The immediate catchment area for the hospital and its Primary Health Care program is 72 villages with around 75,000 people.

Placements of 6 weeks minimum, offer experience in all health services incluing dental care and surgery and have a special focus on community health.

Dr Arie Glas
Medical Director
Mulanje Mission Hospital
PO Box 45
tel: +265 992261569
Nkhoma Mission hospital is a 220-bed facility, with all major departments and a busy eye department. The Hospital's primary catchment area is the surrounding rural 32,000-strong community, but it serves patients from all over Malawi as well as from neighbouring Mozambique. It offers inpatient and outpatient care on site and conducts mobile clinics within its catchment area.

Placements of 6 weeks minimum, with particular focus in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Paediatrics and surgery.


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For over fifty years, Galmi Hospital has been an oasis in the desert. Located on the south edge of the Sahara in Niger, this 120-bed hospital provides compassionate care to Nigeriens from all walks of life. Providing medical care meets a real need in Niger where there is one doctor for every 30,000 citizens. The clinics at Galmi serve up to 300 men, women, and children daily, most of whom are Muslims.


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Bingham University Teaching Hospital (formerly known as Evangel hospital) is a 150-bed general hospital located in Jos, Nigeria. Some of the new specialties added include ENT, opthamology, vesicovaginal fistula (VVF) surgery and HIV care including antiretroviral treatment program.


Holley Memorial Hospital Ochadamu is owned and operated by the United Evangelical Church, a local Nigerian Church. The facility is located in Idah, Kogi State, in central Nigeria. Originally, it catered only for leprosy patients but has now developed into a general hospital with medical, eye care and orthopaedic services.

Holley Memorial Hospital Ochadamu is owned and operated by the United Evangelical Church, a local Nigerian Church. The facility is located in Idah, Kogi State, in central Nigeria. It is a medium sized hospital providing specialist services in surgery, maternity and obstetrics, orthopaedics, ophthalmics and caring for an increasing number suffering from TB and HIV/AIDS. The hospital also caters for leprosy patients and the outpatients department cares for a growing population.

For more information email:

We can offer medical elective placements from 4 weeks to 3 months via Mission Africa

Primary care clinics situated in remote riverine area of the Niger Delta, very low resource area with enormous health needs. We welcome expert input in the shape of cataract surgeons for 3-4 day camps and surgeons happy to undertake 3-4 days hernia camps, and optometrists able to teach and support our community eye program and glasses production program.

We welcome interest from clinicians who would like to give a few hours of their time in the UK to make short teaching videos as much of our training is via e-learning.

Our mission is to use medicine to open doors for direct evangelism in areas where the Gospel is either unheard or corrupted with unbiblical doctrine ( traditional beliefs/prosperity gospel teaching etc).

Dr David Donovan
Riverside Practice
23 Marylebone Road
PE15 8BG
tel: 01354 661922
The Seventh-day Adventist Hospital, Ile-Ife, is a 130-bed church-run mission hospital affiliated to Adventist Health International. All types of medical care is provided to the community.

Students can be involved in ward rounds and clinics as well as tropical medicine.

Drs Jason and Blen Lohr
Family Medicine Consultants
Seventh-Day Adventist Hospital
P.M.B 5513
Osun State
Herb Giebel
Elective contact
Vom Christian Hospital is a rural hospital in Plateau State, Nigeria which is dedicated to the needs of the local community and stands in 66 acres in which there is a School, Staff housing, Mission Offices and cultivated land.

Via Mission Africa

Vom Christian Hospital
PMB 06
Via Jos
Plateau State


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240 bed rural distrcit hospital doing orthopaedics, rehabilitation, ophthalmology, surgery.

Students can get involved with Outreach clinics, CBR, theatre, ward rounds, obstetrics, clinic

Sierra Leone

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Nixon Memorial Methodist Hospital, Segbwema Sierra Leone. was destroyed near the end of the civil war1998. It is now being rebuilt and now has 3 wards open as well as Outpatients, an Under 5s Clinic and a Community Health program. The School of nursing re-opened in Kenema shortly after the hospital fell to the rebels, and it moved back to Segbwema at the end of 2005.

Students can carry out ward work, outreach programmes and teaching Nursing students.

Rt Rev Francis Nabieu
President of the Methodist Conference in Sierra Leone
Methodist Church Office
PO Box 64
Sierra Leone

South Africa

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Manguzi Hospital is situated in South Africa, tucked in the corner formed by the Indian Ocean and the Mozambique border. Founded by the Methodist Church in 1948 and still maintaining a Christian ethos, Manguzi is perhaps one of the best functioning examples of the District health system in action. Manguzi is a 280 bed District (level 1) Hospital, belonging to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Department of Health. Outpatients is by far the busiest section of the hospital seeing approximately 3500 patients per month. OPD includes a Resus Unit (RU) which is used for critically ill medical and surgical patients.
P Bag X301
KwaNgwaase 3973
South Africa
Mseleni Hospital, originally a mission hospital, is a government hospital situated in a remote part of northern KwaZulu Natal. It is 60km from the border with Mozambique and provides Primary Health Care for 90,000 rural people. It is a 184-bed hospital and runs 8 clinics.

Opportunities for final year students to gain hospital and clinic experience.

Mseleni Hospital
P.O.Box 161
Sibhayi 3967
KwaZulu, Natal
South Africa
Originally a mission hospital and retaining some of this ethos, Zithulele Hospital is situated in a deeply rural part of the beautiful Wild Coast of the Eastern Cape. It is a 147 bed district hospital providing primary health care services for a catchment area of 130 000 people.

Students have plenty of opportunities to get practically involved.


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The Good Shepherd Mission Hospital provides health care to the Lubombo Region on the eastern border of Swaziland, in Siteki. This 125-bed rural hospital is managed by the Catholic Diocese in partnership with the Ministry of Health. The 15 doctors, in various specialties, allow students extensive patient contact and procedures, with assistance. With the strong Community Health emphasis, Students help at a remote community clinic, and visit with the Home Based Care team. Medical Students may also give tutorship to nursing students.

The Ophthalmology department is well known in the region and attracts patients from neighbouring countries. This unit facilitates the elective administration, yet students may rotate in the disciplines of their choice. The weekly student academic meeting focuses on the cultural context of Medicine. Hospital staff are from all denominations and students will experience faith in action in the practice of medicine. This is a friendly and caring hospital community, set in a malaria-free and safe area, where English is spoken.

Accommodation is either in the hospital or at a nearby farm. Opportunities for Christian outreach are extensive, as this also serves as a base for several Christian NGO's. Students may benefit from extra-curricular involvement in these NGO's: Development work, Women's projects, Agriculture and Orphan care. Students are invited to fellowship with Christian clinicians and families at the weekly evangelical bible study, in a home. For those not exploring the countryside on weekends, there's a large choice of churches to attend. With up to 5 Medical students at a time, both local (South African) and International, there is almost always good company!

Medical students of any clinical stage are welcome to apply for electives of at least 4 weeks, but senior students are given first option. Consideration is also given to senior Nursing and Para-Medical students. Pre-clinical students who are passionate about rural medicine may apply. Research or Audit projects are encouraged.

Jonathan Pons
Ophthalmologist and Electives Coordinator


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A rural village hospital which serves people with HIV, Obstetrics services, regular hospital services.

We will partner students with Tanzanian doctors for ward work, mobile clinics, assisting in major/minor theatre, etc.

Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre was founded in 1971 by the Good Samaritan Foundation, a Trust set up by the Lutheran, Anglican and Moravian churches. It was taken over by the Government for a time but was handed back to the Trust in 1992. The College became operational in October 1997 and since then it has become a centre of medical training and teaching attracting medical resources from around the world. As the name implies, the Christian ethic guides and shapes the College's daily work.

Students can experience a range of different areas including community health.

PO Box 3010
tel: +255 27 2754377-2754383
fax: +255 27 2754381/2752038
Mrs Munisi / Mrs Hunter
Director of Hospital Services
P.O Box 3010
Mrs. C. Mbuya
Nursing Elective Applications
Kilimatinde hospital is a small 140 bed rural hospital with an obs and gyni specialism. It operates more like a large GP practice. It supports some remote village communities with weekly post natal and other general medical provision. It also has a new HIV/AIDS testing and counselling facility.

Students can participate in a variety of areas or be involved in a particular project e.g. post-natal weighing.

Mvumi Hospital is a church hospital situated in the village of Mvumi Mission in Central Tanzania and is run under the auspices of the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika. The hospital provides health care for the population of Dodoma Rural District. The hospital has about 280 beds where it provides care for all aspects of health care from malaria treatment and prevention to obstetric, gynaecology and eye services. In addition to its role in primary health care the hospital is also an important training institution providing training for nurses, midwives, clinical officers, laboratory technicians, and ophthalmic nurses and assistants.
Medical Superintendent
P.O.Box 82
The Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre (ALMC) is Arusha's newest and only full-service hospital. It is located in the center of downtown Arusha and offers high standard of general and speciality care in many areas. THe sister hospital of ALMC, Selian Lutheran hospital is a more traditional mission hospital affliated with Kilamanjaro Christian Medical Center and Tumaini University. It aims to provide competent and compassion medical care by promoting heath development community projects and sharing the gospel.

Students can take part in ward rounds, community outreach and assist in theatre.

St Augustine Designated District Hospital (formerly Teule DDH Muheza) is a 330 bed semi-rural district designated Hospital for Muheza district. It is owned and administered by the Anglican Church of Tanzania, under the Diocese of Tanga with the aim of providing Health Care for the population of Muheza District.

Students can take part in ward rounds, clinics, outreach programmes and home visits in a variety of areas.


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CURE Children’s Hospital of Uganda (CURE Uganda) located in Mbale, Uganda is a specialty teaching hospital that treats the neurosurgical needs of children, with an emphasis on hydrocephalus, neural tube defects, spina bifida, epilepsy and brain tumors. Since it opened in 2000, more than 8,900 surgeries have been performed at the CURE Uganda hospital. This life-saving care is available nowhere else in Uganda and is available to all, regardless of ability to pay.

Via Cure International

Hospice Africa Uganda demonstrates a culturally appropriate and affordable hospice model for Africa, with a mission to assist other initiatives in Sub Saharan Africa through service, training, research and networking. Most of the care is home-based but there is also out-patient work. The Hospice cares for 1,500 patients from three sites, Kampala (urban), Mbarara (semi rural) and Hoima (rural) with a mixture of clinics and home visits.

Students can experience holistic palliative care. There are also opportunities to attend training programmes and case conferences.

At the invitation of the Uganda Government, Kagando Hospital was started in 1965 by Africa Inland Mission, using an abandoned leprosy isolation unit. It is situated on the equator in the heart of Africa, at the southern end of the Rwenzori Mountains, one of the sources of the river Nile. The 260 bed general hospital serves a very poor rural population under the Church of Uganda. They seek to share the Christian gospel by showing compassion and competence in word and deed.

This is a Christian Hospital that serves those of all faiths, and none. It is a fee paying hospital, but no one has been turned away through reasons of poverty. It is a distant rural hospital, but well known throughout Uganda. The hospital is situated in south-west Uganda, between Kabale and Rukungiri. It is in the Kigezi highlands and is about 5,300 feet above sea level.

Kisiizi runs the oldest community health insurance scheme in Uganda and currently has over 38,000 beneficiaries in over 200 community groups. Kisiizi is the only hospital in Uganda in the first wave of the WHO African Partnerships for Patient Safety. Unusually Kisiizi provides in-patient mental health services.

Placements of 6 weeks minimum - students can get involved in a wide range of specialities including community and outreach clinics and HIV counselling. see

Ian Spillman
PO Box 109 Kabale
fax: 00871 761 587 166
Kitovu Health Care Complex, known as St. Joseph’s, is located near Masaka, Uganda, about 140km from the capital Kampala. It is a two hundred bed private Not for Profit (PNFP) Hospital, operating under the umbrella organization of the Uganda Catholic Medical Bureau (UCMB). Kitovu is a general hospital with some specialized services such as Obstetrics/Gynecology, Paediatrics, Surgery and Obstetric Fistula Repair and prevention offering a 24-hour-service. Besides pastoral care, the complex is also home to several intern and outreach programs, such as a laboratory training school or HIV/AIDS-programmes.

Students can engage in ward rounds, community outreach programmes, theatre and also weekly medical education sessions.

Kiwoko Hospital employs over 300 staff and serves a population of 500,000 people. In addition to the medical/nursing personnel, the hospital has an extensive community and education department and being in a rural location, also employs many local builders/tradesmen/drivers etc.

Placements of 6 weeks minimum - students get the opportunity to rotate through different clinical specialities including community placement.

Guest House Manager
Student enquiries
Kiwoko Hospital
PO Box 149
Mr Michael Johnston
Honorary Secretary, Friends of Kiwoko
Rugarama Hospital is a private not-for-profit Hospital founded by the Church of Uganda (Anglican). It now has a busy out-patient department and more than 77 in-patient beds in the following wards: men, women, maternity, children, eyes, and isolation. It is registered as an NGO Hospital with the Ministry of Health, and affiliated to the Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau. There are 52 medical staff and 35 support staff.

Students can participate in ward work, community outreach and assist in theatre.

Rushere Community Hospital is a Christian hospital in the Kiruhara District of Uganda, not far from Mbarara and the Equator.

Students can participate in a variety of activities including ward work, community outreach assisting in theatre.

An opportunity to assist the team working amongst the Karimojong people, by gaining experience working in a rural Ugandan setting working in the Health Centres, and joining the team in various ministries amongst the rural communities.

Available via AIM

AIM Mobilisation Co-ordinator


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Beit CURE Zambia is one of the few hospitals of in Zambia is able to adequately address the surgical needs of the disabled children in the country. The hospital houses 45 patient beds in the children's ward and 16 beds in the private patients ward. The hospital also has a chapel and spiritual center, three operating theaters, an outpatient clinic, an administrative building and a general services building. The hospital is a pediatric surgical hospital with a focus on orthopedics, neurosurgery, ENT & Audiology.

Students can shadow surgeons during surgery, participate in ward rounds and assist in community outreach.

Chikankata Salvation Army hospital is a part of Chikankata Mission, home to more than 3000 people and situated 31 km from the tar road on the edge of the Zambezi valley, 125km south of Lusaka. It is surrounded by hills and traditional village settlements. Chikankata services a catchment population of over 90,000 people, nearly all living in remote areas of the Southern Province.

Via Salvation Army

Medical Superintendent
The Salvation Army Hospital, Chikankata
fax: C/o The Salvation Army Territorial HQ 00 2601226784
Mtendere Mission Hospital started as a small Rural Health Centre in 1964. It has grown over the years up to the current covered area of 5,460 square meters and 145 bed capacity. The Hospital offers an extensive range of in-patient and out-patient diagnostic and treatment services including Laboratory, Ultrasonography, Endoscopy, Radiology, Operating Theater, Dental Care, Mother and Child Health, Public Health Services, Pharmacy.
PO Box 50
tel: 00 260 01 515 056
fax: 00 260 01 515 007
Mukinge Hospital is a referral hospital with more than 200 beds for a wide area of Zambia's northwest province.


Mukinge Hospital
PO BOX 120092
tel: 260-8-251086
Elective Enquiries
tel: 44 [0]1449 766 464
fax: 44 [0]1449 767 148
St Francis' is a 350-bed hospital in rural Zambia, providing medical and surgical care to the people of Katete District (population 200,000), as well as accepting referrals from the whole of Eastern Province (population 1.5 million).

Placements of 6 weeks minimum - Students can participate in ward rounds, HIV clinics and in theatre.

Dr Shelagh Parkinson
Overseas mission hospital
P.O Box 11
tel: 00 260 0( )62 52210/52344
fax: 00 260 (0) 62 52278
St Luke's Hospital is a rural hospital with 100 beds. It is designated district hospital of Chongwe district in Lusaka provinc. It focuses specifically on maternal health and promotion of medical personnel with focus on rural health development.

Placements of 8 weeks minimum -Students can participate in ward work, community outreach, theatre and labour room.


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Howard Hospital is a Salvation Army facility situated in the Chiweshe communal land of Zimbabwe. Eighty kilometers north of the capital Harare, the hospital is the referral centre for the Mazowe district of Mashonaland Central Province and has a catchment population greater than 250,000 people. The mobile clinic reaches communities as far as 100 kilometres from the hospital, providing an immunization program, paediatric and obstetric care, and family planning.

Via Salvation Army

The Chief Medical Officer
Howard Hospital
PO Box 190
fax: C/o The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters: 00 26 34 72 6658
The Chief Medical Officer
Howard Hospital
PO Box 190
fax: C/o The Salvation Army Territorial HQ 00 26 34 72 6658
Txhlelanyemba Hospital is located 157 km south of Bulawayo near South Africa and Botswana. Tshelanyemba offers HIV testing and counselling, community outreach and education, support groups for those living with HIV/AIDS and the training of home-based care volunteers and community-based peer volunteers.

Via Salvation Army

The Administrator
Tshelanyemba Hospital
fax: Fax C/o The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters: 00 26 34 72 6658
The Administrator
Tshelanyemba Hospital
fax: c/o The Salvation Army Territorial HQ 00 26 3472 6658
Christian Medical Fellowship:
uniting & equipping Christian doctors & nurses
Contact Phone020 7234 9660
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