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Working Abroad

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<< 3.5 If I am going to move abroad, how long should I go for?

3.6 Can I afford to go?

Faced with the global inequalities in income, we are deluding ourselves if we think we can't afford to work overseas. You may have a student debt to repay but repayments can probably be deferred while you are working in a voluntary post. Careful financial planning, including consideration of pension arrangements, may be necessary but Christians who are already living according to the biblical principles of generous giving and debt-avoidance will find it much easier to uproot and go.

For those going on short term trips, a rough budget should include return airfare(s), travel insurance, food and accommodation costs within your host country, visa charges, airport tax, immunisations and extra holiday (if planned). The cost of locum cover and loss of earnings might also need to be pencilled in. If extra funding is required, read Section 4.7 where this is discussed.

>> 3.7 Where should I go?

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