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1st incision - Christian nurses ministering globally

mp3 audio
Anne Biro, the Vice-President of Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) talks with Steve Fouch about how Christian nurses in the UK and in many other nations are connecting together to encourage, teach and train each other during 2020, the International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife (you can read more about this at and about the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale at
To find out more about CMF's work with nurses and midwives go to
Please note that this podcast was recorded in late January 2020, before COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing restrictions in the UK and other parts of the world. The NCFI World Congress mentioned in this podcast has since been postponed to 2021. You can read more about the work of NCFI and its rescheduled World Congress, go to
To learn more about the NCFI Next Generation network, see

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the prison doctor

mp3 audio

Rachael works in NHS prison general practice and is medical director of Integritas Healthcare, a Christian faith-inspired NGO working with detainees in the UK and overseas, particularly in the Philippines.

How has COVID-19 affected detainees and prisons in the UK? How is it affecting the delivery of medical care in prisons in the Philippines? And how is she able to bring spiritual support and wholistic care to prisoners?

You can find out more about the work of Integritas at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Kurdistan, Iraq

mp3 audio
Dr Janan works as a surgeon in Kurdistan, Northern Iraq. His work involves regularly providing surgical care in refugee camps. Northern Iraq has been in lockdown since the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in March, and it seems that the epidemic is under control there. But there is still a real concern that the coronavirus could still break out in the refugee camps, where hand washing and social distancing is not practical. With economic pressures, insecurities and concerns about infection spread, how can we support and pray for Janan and his teams working with refugees in the region?

You can find out more about Dr Janan's organisation, HOME at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Spain

mp3 audio
Sara is a family medicine doctor in Madrid, Spain. The country has been hit hard, especially in Madrid, and Sara has personal experience of surviving the virus. She has been actively involved in community-based care for COVID-19 patients and has been part of a wider research group looking at treating the disease outside of acute hospitals. How has COVID-19 affected how she prays and cares for her patients?

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - New Zealand

mp3 audio
Helen is a GP in New Zealand who normally works with newly arrived asylum seekers. As COVID-19 becomes an emerging problem there, she is now re-deployed along with many others as part of a public health team. She is also an active members of the New Zealand Christian Medical Fellowship, which is also adapting to support its members as they respond to the crisis. How are Christians and medics in New Zealand responding to the crisis there?

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Uganda

mp3 audio

Dr Stephen is a public health consultant in Kampala, Uganda, working globally in fragile states. Uganda went into a coronavirus lockdown just days after he returned from a recent visit. How is lockdown affecting Uganda, the church and how are he and his family coping with the lockdown?

[Recorded 1 March 2020]

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Laos

mp3 audio
Alison is a nurse/midwife working in Southern Laos as part of a health and education project. Until recently, COVID-19 has not seemed like a big problem in Laos, but in the last week the national government has stepped up its response, despite the lack of resources to protect staff and treat the very sick. Alison and her team have sought to help the local community and local hospital prepare, but many challenges remain. In these uncertain times, how can we support and pray for the least resourced nations facing COVID-19?[recorded 31 March 2020]

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Indonesia

mp3 audio
Dr Alva is a TB specialist with a nationwide role, as well as a leader of the Indonesian Christian Medical and Dental Association and the national Christian students' ministry. As a minority in a predominantly Muslim nation, what contribution can Christian health professionals make as COVID-19 becomes a growing health challenge?[Recorded 31 March 2020]

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the Caribbean

mp3 audio
Khara is an internal medicine doctor working in Barbados, where the COVID-19 pandemic is still in its early stages. How are health systems in the Caribbean managing and how are they seeking to limit the pandemic. What gives her hope in the face of the mounting strains on healthcare in Barbados and across the Caribbean?
[recorded 26 March 2020 - please note the sound quality is not to our usual standard due to recording conditions]
Duration: 9 mins

COVID-19 Voices from the frontline - the missionary midwife

mp3 audio
In today's story, Beth shares the challenges of responding to COVID-19 in an ante-natal and birthing unit in the Philippines.

1st incision podcast: Season 2, episode 1 - The worldwide family of Christian medics and dentists

mp3 audio
In the first episode of season two of 1st incision, John Greenall, CMF's Associate Chief Executive, talks with leaders from other Christian medical associations around the world about the wider family of Christians in medicine and dentistry that is the International Christian Medical and Dental Association or ICMDA. Hedwin from Indonesia, Augustine from South Africa and Esther from Switzerland share with John what it means to them to be part of a global family of Christians in the medical professions.

Frontiers - Liz in South Sudan

Fi McLachlan, Head of International Ministries at CMF, talks to Liz, a GP working with Medair in South Sudan.
Duration: 4 mins

Pakistan – a short-term trip to support a mission hospital

mp3 audio
Hear the story of Drs David and Abi Randall who went out to Pakistan to support a mission hospital.

Putting faith in global healthcare

mp3 audio
Steve Fouch speaking on UCB Radio about the publication of the Lancet's series of papers on the role of faith groups in the delivery of healthcare.

See the accompanying blogpost for more details.

Ebola - Dr Sam Dunnet in Sierra Leone

CMF member Dr Sam Dunnet tells of her time in Sierra Leone, fighting the Ebola epidemic.
Duration: 2 mins

Medical mission in Nepal

Dr Shirley Heywood tells us what life is like working as a missionary doctor in Nepal, and how God is always watching over their work.
Duration: 2 mins

The global demographic crisis affecting healthcare

This is an excerpt taken from the talk given by Dr Peter Saunders at the Christian Resources Exhibition in Esher 14 May 2013.
Duration: 1 mins
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