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New staff members & staff news

Two new recruits for CMF

André Woolgar
Junior Researcher

What prompted you to consider taking on this role with CMF?
Having just left university, I was going through the job listings, wondering what I would do with my life. The opportunity to work at CMF jumped out at me, as it provided the opportunity to work on ethics and research and engaged my interest in politics. Working for a Christian organisation also appealed as I wanted to develop my faith in a working environment.

What did you study at university? I studied Geography at the University of Cambridge. I graduated in 2016, so am trying to become integrated in the 'real' adult world!

Church? Since returning to London, I have rejoined to New Life Christian Centre in Croydon, South London. It's a lively Pentecostal church with great diversity, which I really love - showing what the kingdom of God will be like on earth. My experience of church at university means I am getting involved in some of the ministries, particularly work with Muslims and Christians Against Poverty.

Family? Hobbies? I am from a mixed background, with a British dad and Indonesian mum, which means my family contains a mixture of different groups and worldviews. Therefore, trying to understand different traditions and talking with people from different cultures is really stimulating for me. In terms of other hobbies, I've started getting involved with martial arts and love playing and listening to music. I have a keen interest in reading philosophy, theology, history and science - God's world in general really! I also love campaigning and being involved with social justice projects.

What are your impressions of CMF so far? It has been a great introduction into the world of work, as everyone cares about what is going on in the work of everyone else. This, and bringing everything before God at the beginning of the day, is brilliant and gets me going in the morning. Besides this, it is great to be involved with the great work CMF is doing and learning lots about ethics.

Rachel Owusu-Ankomah
Associate Staffworker, St George's, University of London

What prompted you to consider taking on this role with CMF?
I joined CMF as a fresher and have been hooked ever since! I was inspired by seeing Christian doctors living out their faith wholeheartedly in every aspect of their lives - I wanted to emulate that. I became involved in running my local CMF group at medical school. Taking up the role is just an extension of that passion to see the gospel transform lives. God in his providence made a way for me to do this as I came to the end of core surgical training.

Church? I attend Brixton Local Church (BLoC), a church plant that is part of the Co- Mission network. It is a great place to grow and for fellowship. We are like a family; we do life together in all its ups and downs and have a passion to reach Brixton with the gospel.

Family? Hobbies? I live in Kent and have a massive extended family, including 30 first cousins! Going to their weddings, events and looking after their children keeps me very busy. I also love to sing, cook (I'm a bit of a feeder) and eat good food. CMF has put this to good use as I have already catered for two Sydenham conferences.

What are your impressions of CMF so far?
It's great being in the office and seeing how things work centrally and how much time and effort is put in behind the scenes. I have loved working with the student team, getting to know the other volunteers has been a particular highlight. John, Alex and Laurence have also really encouraged, inspired and challenged me, which has been a wonderful growing experience. I'm very excited to see what God will do with me at CMF.

Staff news & moves

Many thanks to Rob Yaxley (website manager) and Hazel Hepner (membership administrator) who were made redundant at the beginning of this year. We are very grateful for their service to CMF and wish them every blessing in their next roles.

Marolin Watson will be joining CMF to take over as Student and International Ministries Coordinator while Dion Ayeni is away on maternity leave. Marolin will start on 18 April to allow for a period of handover before Dion leaves.
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