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Dr Mark Pickering discusses medical cannabis on Premier Christian Radio

mp3 audio

CMF's Mark Pickering on Premier Christian Radio's News Hour, discussing the Church of England's stance on medical cannabis.

Broadcast by Premier Christian Radio on June 10 2019.
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addiction: closer to home than you think (nucleus - November 2018)

what is addiction? 'Can you control your drinking?' a colleague innocently asked a circle of doctors, at the bar at 5pm, followed by: 'and why do you think you need to control it?' The issue of control is at the heart of addiction. I will look at psychoactive substances...

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Laurence Crutchlow on TWR, discussing a study into the use of Ketamine to treat depression

mp3 audio

Laurence Crutchlow speaking on Trans World Radio, discussing a study into the potential use of Ketamine to treat depression.

Broadcast by Trans World Radio on April 28 2018.

Duration: 5 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

General Pharmaceutical Council - Personals Values and Beliefs (09/03/2017)

The General Pharmaceutical Council has been consulting on religion, personal values and beliefs in delivering person-centred care in pharmacy; full consultation document here. They propose changes to their professional guidance...
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Pill popping students

mp3 audio
Philippa Taylor on UCB speaking about the increase in use of 'smart drugs' among students and academics.
Duration: 10 mins

The Smart Drugs Dilemma (triple helix - spring 2013)

Philippa Taylor on the ethical and spiritual questions raised by drugs that increase mental capacity. Consider this scenario. A memoryboosting drug is available off the internet which could significantly increase your daughter's chance of getting into Oxford University. Her grades are borderline. She tells you that many of her classmates...

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A night on the town (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

Alcohol misuse is a national public health priority. Alongside the significant health problems that can result from heavy drinking, alcohol misuse also results in a variety of other negative outcomes, including social disorder and crime. It is estimated that alcohol misuse costs the NHS £2.7 billion in 2006-07. Emergency services,...

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Drugs & alcohol: why should we care? (triple helix - Easter 2010)

1. Why as doctors we should care about substance misuse It is common At medical school it perhaps seemed that esoteric syndromes were the key areas to study (linked to their significance in examinations). Substance misuse was barely mentioned yet in the working lives of many doctors across a wide range of...

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doctors call for tough alcohol measures (nucleus - Christmas 2009)

Doctors in the UK have called for a comprehensive ban on all forms of alcohol advertising to curb rising alcohol consumption. The call was made in a report published by the British Medical Association (BMA) in addition to other proposals, including a rise in the minimum price of alcohol, an...

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CMF Submission: selling alcohol responsibly (31/07/2009)

Submission from the Christian Medical Fellowshipto the Home Office Consultation: Safe. Sensible. Social.Selling alcohol responsibly: a consultationon the new code of practice for alcohol retailers IntroductionThe Christian Medical Fellowship...
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