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Addiction to legal or illegal substances causes huge problems both for society and for the addict. The spiritual implications of addictions should not be overlooked.

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AIDS is a problem that isn't going away. Particularly in developing countries, economies are being devastated by the pandemic. These articles discuss HIV/AIDS related matters at home and abroad.

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alternative medicine

Alternative and complementary therapies are used increasingly in our society. What is the evidence for them? And are there specifically Christian concerns?

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care of the elderly

With a growing aging population, care of the elderly is particularly important, raising economic and ethical issues alongside clinical ones.

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Confidentiality in the doctor-patient relationship is a core principle, and highly valued by the patient. It helps build trust, but can also cause problems. Are there situations in which it's acceptable to breach confidentiality?

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Depression is a particularly common medical problem. Articles here are for peple suffering with depression, and for their carers.

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These items look at different drugs of addiction, including alcohol. Social, spiritual, physical and other factors are considered. See also the 'addiction' index.

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GP issues

General practitioners face a variety of ethical issues in their surgeries. These articles have special relevance to GP issues.

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holistic medicine

Holistic or 'whole person' medicine takes account of the physical, mental, social and spiritual factors when treating a patient. What place should it have?

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money and debt

Debt can cause stress, affecting patients' health. It is also a growing problem for today's medical students. Items here present a Christian approach to money management and advice on avoiding debt.

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Mental health issues raise interesting questions for Christians. These items explore psychiatry from a Christian perspective, and consider the impact of spirituality on psychiatric illness.

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Religion or Belief

With growing pluralism and multiculturalism in the UK, it has become controversial to reflect Britain's Christian heritage in healthcare. Here are some illustrations from the debate.

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