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biomedical technologies

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animal experimentation

A number of medical issues relate to animals, predominantly the subject of animal experimentation. The use of animal matierial in xenotransplantation is also a continuing clinical and ethical question.

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The technology of cloning continues to develop. These articles consider various aspects, including so-called 'therapeutic' and 'reproductive' cloning.

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Developments in genetics are changing the way medicine is practised. Material here considers genetic developments and the ethical concerns raised.

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As medical technology has advanced, cross-species work has allowed the creation of chimeras, hybrids and cytoplasmic hybrids ('cybrids'). Practical, ethical and legal aspects are considered.

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new technologies

Items here cover issues like nanotechnology, cybernetics, and transhumanism. These are set to change how we define 'humanity', and the way we live our lives. For Christians they raise some difficult questions.

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Medical research takes many forms. These articles look at some aspects of medical research, including the ethics of using human subjects, and of using animals in research.

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stem cells

Stem cell technology has developed rapidly and there are many exciting clinical benefits. these currently all come from ethically acceptable 'adult' stem cells. The ethics of using embryonic stem cells are considered.

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Organ transplantation raises a variety of ethical issues: shortage of supply, the question of paying donors, transplant tourism, presumed consent, use of animals etc.

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