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2018 National Conference - part 1

mp3 audio

Biblical Mandate for Apologetics: why we defend our faith

Listen to part 1 of Michael Ramsden's Bible readings from the National Conference 2018.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Friday 27 April 2018.

Duration: 53 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

2018 National Conference - part 2

mp3 audio

Integrity in Life and Work

Listen to part 2 of Michael Ramsden's Bible readings from the National Conference 2018.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Saturday 28 April 2018.

Duration: 44 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

2018 National Conference - part 3

mp3 audio

The Power of Persuasion

Listen to part 3 of Michael Ramsden's Bible readings from the National Conference 2018.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Sunday 29 April 2018.

Duration: 37 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

Medicine and The Reformation (triple helix - autumn 2017)

Martin Luther did not do anything particularly unusual when he nailed 95 'debating points' to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. In those days it was the way to trigger debate in university towns and most such endeavours ran their course and were quickly forgotten. Martin Luther's...

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does being a christian make a difference? (triple helix - summer 2014)

Vinod Shah compares and contrasts the Christian and secular visions. Douglas Johnson, founder of CMF, once asked this question: 'Does being a Christian make no difference?' (1) This is the question I am hoping to answer here. I think there are major differences between the Christian and secular worldviews. The...

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apologetics 3: responding to suffering (nucleus - September 2013)

the biggest question We turn now to what is often seen as the biggest objection or obstacle to faith - the existence of pain and suffering in a world where God is said to be good and loving. Whether we simply turn to today's news, or are talking with family...

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Apologetics 2: always be prepared (nucleus - winter 2012)

In the first article of this series, (1) I suggested that apologetics is a form of evangelism. Now we will consider a couple of more general issues about how we might 'do' apologetics and whether we all really need to be involved with it. We have already seen that Paul...

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what about evangelism? (nucleus - autumn 2012)

In the first of a new series, Chris Knight defines apologetics. the evangelism command At the beginning of the book of Acts, Luke records the final words of Jesus to his disciples in his resurrection body: 'You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and...

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Heroes and Heretics: St Francis (nucleus - summer 2011)

the dangers of establishment and corruption How did an obscure Jewish sect transform into medieval monasticism in Europe and beyond? We have traced the rise of Christianity in the West, especially following Constantine's conversion, which was in some ways a disaster for the church. While Constantine allowed the church liberty, he...

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God's big picture (nucleus - summer 2011)

God's Big Picture – Vaughan Roberts IVP 2009 RRP £8.99 (but £4 on 12-12 scheme!) This book falls short of its objectives if it leaves us no better off than the Pharisees – diligently studying the Scriptures but not seeking the life that Jesus is offering us through the Word. In this Bible...

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