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Working Abroad

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4.7 Personal finance and obtaining project funding

For many posts overseas and almost invariably with mission agencies or on short term visits, you will have to find your own funding. Government and aid agency positions are usually either paid or offer some degree of assistance with travel and living expenses. Doctors
needing to raise finance will often find that the money they need is in their own bank accounts or savings deposits! Local churches, wider denominations and personal friends may help.

Get advice about your personal finances before you go and ask a friend who knows your financial arrangements to be available to help, if need be, while you are overseas. Such a person can be a great help in transferring monies, paying bills etc.

Stewardship Services have recently published Funding the family business by Myles Wilson – a very practical, biblical guide to raising and managing personal finances. (See Appendix 3)

Funding for specific projects
You will find some ideas at

Funding agencies may send you reams of paper to fill in but in general, applications should be brief and to the point, giving a brief CV and the nature and aims of the project, the organisation and persons you will be responsible to, the exact time period and an itemised list of expected cost.

A well-presented single side of A4 is more likely to receive a reply than a 99-page thesis!

>> 4.8 Superannuation and pension arrangements

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