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1st incision - COVID-19: when demand outstrips supply

mp3 audio

The outbreak of COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the healthcare systems of virtually every country on earth, and the UK has been no exception. A massive mobilisation and reorganisation of the British National Health Service (NHS) to address the challenges we were facing from this new and still poorly understood disease happened in weeks. And in the midst of this mass reorganisation, a lot of thinking had to go into how best to allocate limited resources as we faced a potential overload on the NHS.

Two of our members, Dr Melody Redman and Dr James Haslam, put together a paper looking at these questions and applying a biblical principles to the question of resource allocation. It sounds dry, but it is a matter that could quite literally mean life of death. In this special, extra edition of 1st incision, Steve Fouch has a wide ranging discussion with James and Melody about how we decide who gets what treatment, how COVID-19 has changed the way we think about how we allocate limited resources, and how the public's thinking has changed as a result of the pandemic. We also look at what challenges the future holds.

You can read Melody and James' paper, COVID-19: When demand outstrips supply and other resources on COVID-19 on the CMF Website.

1st incision - series three recap & finale

mp3 audio

In the last episode of season three of 1st incision, we look back at some of the ways Christian Medical Fellowship has been responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and at some of the resources and support for health professionals that is still available. We're taking a break for the summer, but we'll be back in the autumn with a fresh series of interviews and discussions at the interface of faith, medicine, nursing and midwifery that affect our Christian lives in today's world.

Past episodes of 1st incision are available from our BuzzSprout page, including all 41 episodes of voices from the frontline

You can find out more about our Pastoral Care Programme at

While COVID1900Prayer has now finished, you can join us every Friday at 5pm for our new video series on Facebook and YouTube -Pause+Pray

And we'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for the podcast - just email Steve Fouch on

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the medical student volunteer

mp3 audio

Rachael is a fourth-year medical student at the University of Manchester. Before the pandemic she was halfway through her neurology placement, but since COVID-19 interrupted her studies, she has been volunteering at the hospital, helping out in practical ways supporting clinical staff. With her studies suspended and the coming months looking really uncertain, how is her faith helping to keep her focused and grounded.

You can read more about CMF's student ministry at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - CMF Catalyst Teams

mp3 audio

CMF Catalyst Teams are local teams of Christian health workers coming together to help unite and equip fellow Christian health professionals live and speak for Christ in their workplaces. We speak to three Catalyst Team leaders from around the UK, Noel, Brian and Angela, about how they are responding as Christians to the particular challenges of COVID-19 in their parts of the country.

You can find out more about Catalyst Teams at

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the surgical nurse

mp3 audio

Georgie is a surgical nurse in an acute surgery unit. They are seeing fewer patients, which raises the concern that people are staying away from hospital out of fear of COVID-19, increasing their risks from their current condition. At the same time, like many other health workers, COVID-19 is having a real impact on her family life. She is also busy supporting final year students suddenly put in the frontline through her role in CMF. How is she managing with these additional stresses and strains, and how can we pray for her and the students she supports?

Georgie's blog, Uncertainty: our new normality, is available from

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - Teamwork

mp3 audio

Today, we have a compilation of short stories from members on how their teams are responding to COVID-19 challenges and how they are working together and supporting one another in new ways.

1st incision - Personal well-being and going the distance

mp3 audio
The well-being of doctors, midwives and nurses has become a very topical issue. The General Medical Council has recently released a report looking at the systemic and organisational factors that lead to clinician stress. The British Medical Association is providing a 24/7 helpline and access to counselling services. But what about the Christian perspective? Do CMF members maintain their well-being in their workplaces? How do we support Christian clinicians to continue to live and speak for Jesus? And how do we care for the carers in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic?

You can find out more about CMF's Pastoral Care and Well-being programme at

Remember to join us every day at 7 pm (BST/UTC+1) for #COVID1900Prayer, a chance to pray for health workers, our nation and the world as we respond to COVID-19

COVID-19 voices from the frontline - the ITU nurse

mp3 audio

Adi is a ITU nurse. His team are gearing up for the increased number of people with major respiratory problems as a result of COVID1-9 infection. How does his faith prepare him for the challenges ahead?

[recorded 20 March 2020]

1st incision podcast: The issues around transgender in children

mp3 audio
CMF's National Field Director and paediatrician Dr John Greenall discusses the needs, sensitivities, ethics and controversies surrounding the care and treatment of children and adolescents identifying as transgender.

2019 National Conference - part 1


The Joys of Justification

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson's first talk from National Conference 2019, speaking from Romans 5:1-11.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Friday 3 May 2019.

2019 National Conference - part 2


The Blessings of Adoption

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson's second talk from National Conference 2019, speaking from Romans 8:12-30.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Saturday 4 May 2019.

2019 National Conference - part 3


The Assurance of Salvation

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson's third talk from National Conference 2019, speaking from Romans 8:31-39.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Sunday 5 May 2019.

2017 Student Conference - part 1

mp3 audio

No Matter What: Daniel's stand for the King

Listen to part 1 of the 2017 CMF Student Conference Bible Address by John Lennox.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park on Saturday 11 February, 2017

2017 Student Conference - part 2

mp3 audio

No Matter What: Daniel's stand for the King

Listen to part 2 of the 2017 CMF Student Conference Bible Address by John Lennox.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park on Saturday 11 February, 2017

2017 Student Conference - part 3

mp3 audio

No Matter What: Daniel's stand for the King

Listen to part 3 of the 2017 CMF Student Conference Bible Address by John Lennox.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park on Sunday 11 February, 2017

International Track

  • How do I know if I am called to work internationally?
  • How do I choose where to go?
  • How can I best use my nursing or medicine?
  • How long should I go for?

Join CMF's new 18-month International Track where we will address these issues and more!

See the International Track page for more details

Duration: 2 mins

Tim Chester on Revelation - introduction

mp3 audio
Tim Chester gives his introductory talk at Student Conference 2016, an introduction to the book of Revelation. It was recorded on Friday 12 February, 2016.

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