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31. Reviews

Spring 2020 Book Reviews Reviews Dementia from the Inside A Doctor s personal journey of hope Dr Jennifer Bute with Louise Morse SPCKPublishing 2018 9 00 116pp ISBN 9780281080694 Reviewed by...

32. Letters

... to nursing homes in order to release beds for other patients who need our specialist services I have little experience in looking after those with dementia and none in the use of anti-dementia drugs and I would not presume to pass judgement on NICE s decisions in this area I simply...

33. film: Still Alice

September 2017 Reviews film Still Alice Bukola Ogunjinmi reviews a moving account of living with early onset dementia You are more than what you can remember and you are more than what you do for a living So says Lisa Genova the author...

34. Eutychus

... tools that displace There does seem to be a difference between real presence and the virtual variety BBC News 19 February 2009 Long hours and dementia risk A Finnish-led study analysed 2 214 middle aged British civil servants and found that those working more than 55 hours a week had poorer...

35. Eutychus

... newborns is a logical development Have they done a favour to scaremongering pro-life campaigners J Med Ethics2013 39 5 with subsequent contributors to the debate Dementia biggest challenge Dementia has replaced cancer as the biggest challenge facing the NHS Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said He has announced that vulnerable elderly...

36. Be prepared — life after graduation

... take on projects and complete them in the given time Do you have a not my patient not my problem attitude to the patient with dementia who needs guiding back to their bed Be honest with yourself and with God Thank God for the areas of integrity you do exhibit and...

37. Countering the threat of euthanasia

... increased by 10-20 per year in the Netherlands since 2006 4 In Belgium which is currently considering extending the law to children and those with dementia there has been an increase of over 500 since 2003 5 High profile cases in Belgium have heightened concern Mark and Eddy Verbessem 45-year-old deaf...

38. Taking nursing back to the church

... faith or prayed for the first time Some are now involved in volunteering themselves 4 The local church is re-engaging with health issues Initiatives like Dementia Friendly Churches 5 Anna Chaplaincy spiritual care for people living with dementia 6 Friendly Places making churches more welcoming and supportive of people with mental...

39. Is it really choosing to die?

... for the first time in the making of the documentary It is a matter of public knowledge that Pratchett himself suffers from a form of dementia that he expects to progress relentlessly until it causes his own death Pratchett s own journey as he considered whether he felt physician assisted suicide...

40. Withdrawing and Withholding Care

... extend to feeding by nasogastric or gastrostomy tube unless there was clear benefit to the patient The experience of gastrostomy feeding in patients with severe dementia or very severe disability from stroke for example has not shown benefits in terms of quality or quantity of life 4 There is no evidence...
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