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For most women, deciding whether or not to have an abortion is one of the most emotionally traumatic events in their lives, and opinions on the subject are sharply divided between 'pro-choice' and 'pro-life' factions. But as abortion is so common within our society, its clinical, social and spiritual implications need constant review.

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Contraception, and particularly the pill, has revolutionised sexual 'freedom'. Promoting contraception in schools through sex education is a key factor in government policy to reduce teenage pregnancy and STIs. These articles consider modes of action, effectiveness and ethical acceptability.

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premature babies

Neonatal medicine has its own set of ethical issues. These are particularly seen in relation to the care of premature babies. How far should neonatal medicine go to keep such fragile babies alive? This becomes a particularly thorny question if the baby suffers a disability of some kind.

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prenatal testing

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis with IVF techniques, and increasing intra-uterine scanning and testing have opened the door to choices over which babies are born. What ethical problems do they pose for Christians?

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reproductive technology

Reproductive technology is advancing and presenting new ways to create children. Is all reproductive technology ethical? Does the Christian have anything new and fresh to say?

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