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Clinicians who fail to bust IVF myths are contributing to 'infertility heartbreak', warns Christian Medical Fellowship (25/07/2018)

Clinicians who fail to bust IVF myths are contributing to the heartbreak and misery of thousand of infertile mums, warns Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF). Writing on 40th birthday of...
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HFEA Code of Practice 9th Edition 2018 (14/06/2018)

Published: 23 April 2018 The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority is undertaking a consultation on changes to its Code of Practice 9th Edition. CMF submitted a response to several...
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Dr Peter Saunders discusses Danielle Lloyd's gender selection surgery on BBC Radio Tees

mp3 audio

Dr Peter Saunders talks to Mike Parr on BBC Radio Tees, discussing Danielle Lloyd's decision to travel to Cyprus for gender selection surgery.

Broadcast by BBC Radio Tees on January 16 2018.

Duration: 5 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

Dr Peter Saunders on three-parent embryos - BBC Radio Newcastle

mp3 audio
Broadcast on 8 February, 2015
Duration: 6 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

Three reasons why CMF opposes creating three parent embryos (17/09/2012)

CMF has responded with both concern and scepticism to the promises that scientists at Newcastle University want to help parents have children who are free from mitochondrial diseases. ...
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Submission to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics on donor conception (16/05/2012)

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics issued a consultation on donor conception and whether parents of people conceived using donor eggs or sperm should choose to tell them about their genetic...
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cmf file 47 (2012) - surrogacy ()

'Google Baby' The global business: A Channel 4 documentary in 2011, 'Google Baby', followed an Israeli entrepreneur's new fertility service. His customers select their preferred sperm and eggs online. He then ships the frozen embryos to India to be implanted in the wombs of local surrogates. After nine months, the...

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Fertility and gender (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

This book contains the proceedings of an international conference 'Fertility, Infertility and Gender' held in Maynooth, Ireland in 2010 by the Linacre Centre for Healthcare Ethics (now the Anscombe Bioethics Centre). Its thirteen chapters cover contributions which will be of interest to Christian doctors such as: Fertility, Celibacy and the...

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Welsh morning-after pill scheme (triple helix - summer 2011)

Since April this year (1) the 'morning-after pill' has been available free from pharmacies across Wales, while still costing about £25 in the rest of the UK. Over 700 high street pharmacies can now provide it, even to girls as young as 13, without consent from a parent or guardian....

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Peter Saunders blogs on 'three parent' embryos

15th April 2010: The papers this morning (15 April) are full of reports that researchers at Newcastle University have successfully produced 'three parent' embryos as a first step to preventing maternally transmitted mitochondrial disease. There are about 50 different known mitochondrial diseases...
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