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British Medical Association (BMA) ARM 2012 - sex selective abortion - Motion 329

Duration: 22 mins

British Medical Association (BMA) 2012 ARM - Abortion counselling - Motion 328

Duration: 17 mins

Abortion adverts on TV and radio

mp3 audio
Dr Peter Saunders interview about TV and radio advertising for abortion providers. Broadcast on BBC Radio Humberside on 23 Jan 2012.
Duration: 10 mins

Peter Saunders debates Mental Health and Abortion

mp3 audio
Broadcast on 9th December 2011, BBC Radio 4 'Today'
Duration: 6 mins

Abortion Review confirms that 98% of all abortions in Britain are technically illegal (09/12/2011)

The most comprehensive review to date into the link between abortion and mental health problems has confirmed that women who have an unwanted pregnancy are at an increased risk of...
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The facts about abortion v.2 (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

Talk about Abortion and God in schools? Surely not! Yet it is possible and necessary amid the fallacies and fallout from this procedure. This excellent teaching package on Abortion, by Newcastle paediatrician Dr Chris Richards, provides a good quality pro-life resource for use in PSHE, RE and science lessons as...

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Western complicity in global gender imbalance (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

Over twenty years ago, the Indian writer Amartya Sen wrote about the 'missing millions' of girls in India, speculating that a deeply entrenched bias towards boys rather than girls would lead to neglect of girl children that would compound the gender imbalance. (1) Twenty years later, there are regions of...

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Abortion and mental health - the evidence builds (triple helix - Christmas 2011)

The standard rhetoric that well designed studies have failed to show any adverse effects of abortion on women is being increasingly undermined by solid new evidence showing that there are indeed increased rates of mental health problems for women post-abortion, even where the pregnancy is unwanted and/or unplanned. The question...

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Abortion counselling vote: CMF response (07/09/2011)

Following the House of Commons debate on the abortion counselling amendment to the Health and Social Care Bill, Philippa Taylor CMF's Head of Public Policy said: 'While we are...
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Dr Andrew Fergusson on mental health and abortion

mp3 audio
Dr Andrew Fergusson discusses the recent paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry on the link between abortion and mental health problems in women, and the proposed amendment to the Health Bill on the provision of abortion counselling.
Duration: 10 mins
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